Saturday, April 01, 2006

The Mustang Tent

Heard at the Mustangs Tent during the 127 Battle of the Blues - Mar 2006

- at the Royal Wesley cricket match some years ago - we were losing badly and being jeered by the Wesleyites - at their Borellagrounds - ole Kadalay took about all of the humiliation he could and then gave them this priceless one in return (it sure sounds much better in its original Singlish!)

"Orl right , Orl right - you fellows shout and make a heck of a noise like bloody Jackals now, but lets see what happens in four years time - all the Royalist cricketers will be Doctors, Engineers, Accountants and Lawyers, but all you Wesleyites would be only driving trains or being guards for the CGR !! "


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