Sunday, April 02, 2006

The Cry Babies

Stealing Kadalay

Dear fellows,

The Year was 1960. We were in the 2nd form - 2B Ruperty's class.

Being in the RC Hostel, away from home and loved ones, we were a bunch of homesick cry babies. To be very frank I was one, too. We the Cry-Babies got together in the evenings and sometimes tried to trace the tyre marks of our parents vehicle which used to drop us off at the Hostel after the weekend sojourn at home. Some said Oh! my fathers car drove over these popped up roots of the huge MARA tree etc.etc..

Kadaley was very sympathetic towards the hostellers. (PAW ANEY, KEMATH MADI, HADENA LAMAI NE?).

He would always give a bit more kadaley if we finish the 5 cents packet in front of him, and look hard at the empty gotta. One of our bastards, taxing the poor man on his kindness, used to do this on a daily basis. He used to go to Kadaley and tell him sad stories about home and sometimes cry in the process. The good man, Kadaley, always sympathized.

Later, this bugger, used to come to the RCH and relate, laughing, how Kadaley was taken for a grand ride. We thought this should stop, and probably, we were also jealous, for all of us had to survive on Rs.1/- pocket money given on Monday morning by CECIL EDGAR BELLETH, Hostel Warden. By mid week all the money was gone. To be very honest, it was jealousy that made us, sneak on THE PRETENDER.

A delegation of six went to Kadaley and rolled out the whole sordid story from A to Z.

Kadalay - Oya atthamada. Boru kiyanna epa. Hondai Balamu.

Three days later THE PRETENDER tried again. Two of the sneaking delegation were close by for a box office view of the scenes to follow.

Kadalay - Ha Kohomada. Kadala oneda.
Pretender - Ne. Ratakadju denna. (Finishes his packet, looks hard trying to cry. Sobs
Kadaley - Me Doray, Boru epa.Yanna, meeta passe enna epa. BORU KARAYA.

The Pretender came to the RCH,was looking straight in our eyes.We could not face his staring eyes. One idiot could not hold any further and started laughing.The Pretender then pointed a finger to all of us and said,"hitapalla mama paana pattu karanawa."(meaning I will curse you lot)

Nothing came off the pahana (curse).

It was a jealous satisfaction of having saved Kadaley

April 2 2006


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