Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The big fight

Half Soda & Kadaley

1960 - 2nd Form. Every Tuesday the last period was DRILL. We had to fall-in opposite the Gym. Kota Silva was the master in charge. Half Soda was boasting to KS as to how he challenged boys down the lane he lives. How they shivered seeing HS coming home after school.

Knowing HS and his capabilities, Kota Silva looked at me and back to HS, "Can you fight him?", "Simple", HS said, looking sideways at me. KS nodded, "OK, go ahead". I can still picture HS coming at me with clenched fist and boxing steps, hatred written all over his face, saliva drooping from a side of his mouth.

One Polladi put HS on all fours. I jumped on the poor bugger and was getting ready for the kill, KS was shouting, "Stop! Stop!! that is enough". We parted with HS muttering under his breadth "You wait Ok, You wait.

Days passed by and I had forgotten about the fight. That Friday we had a cricket match being played on home grounds. College was over at 12 Noon as always.

At about 2.30pm, me, MHS, KAG(Gemba), SJWA and two 60 groupers were on our way to see the match. Kadaley was also going the same way, chatting with us about Belleth's movements for the day, Half Soda the great with a gang of six boys (outsiders) was coming towards us.

HS pointed at me and told something in Tamil we did not understand. Kadaley sensing trouble shot back in Tamil. All the outsiders were taken aback. What Kadaley said must have been "if you have something against Hapuarachchi, settle it between you two. Don't bring these outsiders, PODA!PODA!!.

All HS reinforcements retreated. HS didn't want to loose face.He came at me to receive the same sad ending. At last Kadaley took the fallen hero to his waiting father at college staff room.

Whenever I passed Kadaley after that He used to say, "Hari Chandiya Nedha?"

Kadaley protected us from many hot spots.

What a great man he was?

April 4 2006


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