Friday, July 13, 2012

Snippets from the Past


RITA - what can one say of this SOB....

I used to visit Ducky  quite often .He was occupying De Saa Bandarnaike's office.

This is a story related to me by Ducks.

The principal of DS Senanayake the Rt Hon RITA , had gone to the grade 5 classes about 2 weeks after the Royal entrance test , and asked all students who sat for the RC entrance test to come to his office, as the results had come. This was a rouse by this SOB, to actually find out who had sat for the Royal entrance.

When the boys rushed into his office , he took down their names, amongst these students was also the son of the DS VP., these boys were ostracised after that. Finally when the boys who were successful in passing the Royal entrance test went to him for leaving certificates, he refused . That was the reason why the Dept of Education issued a ruling that one could use a Grama sevakas certificate, if they are unable to get one from school.

I was also told that when parents bring their kids on the first day of school, his speech to them commenced with the usual lines "if you intend to put your children here only to mark time for the Royal entrance exam, please take your kids and get out. We only want children who will continue to stay at DS".

Sad thing is that kataya , who was another SOB supported RITA. When RITA tried to get the cops de-badged (read article below)Kataya was the only master who supprted him. In 1965, Kataya proposed that cadeting should be given a place in the games committee.

Danton Obeysekera, got up and told Dudley, as usual EC is talking nonsense, in that case why dont you get the Woodwork Society also in the games committee. Knowing that the chips were down for EC, I stood up and demanded that the radio club be also enrolled if Mr.Gunasekere wants the cadets in. This was my opportunity to fix EC & RITA. (RITA was not at the meeting, he was using EC to get access).

I said the only contributon the cadets made was to march up and down screaming Wum, Duk, Wum Duk while the Radio club contributes by doing the sound system for assembly, the college carnivals.

This irritated Dudley,who said lets scrap this silly idea and move on, cheered by Danton Obeysekera and a knowing smile from Belleth who was the secretary of the committee. I turned to EC and gave him one of those" Gotcha Looks" he was fuming.

PS i was a Jnr & Snr cadet, and got sacked from the Snr cadet corp by RITA.

Came across this interesting 'quip' (below) you made to this forum, nearly 5 yrs back.

I uploaded the link to '57 Group Website for its anecdotal values; Not of RITA.

Perhaps you have a bit more time now to 'expand' on similar values, if I'm not asking too much.

Thanx to consider, tx even otherwise.

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How true your words are.... he was a perverted mind who relished authority.
Just summarising some of the things he did.

1. Metal work acting master.

2. 4th form....inquired from the class if anyone has drunk beer."pls dont be afraid nothing will happen to you" and Shaw puts his hand up. Immediately, he pounces on Shaw "what Beer have you drunk" Shaw replies "Ginger Beer". Shaw gets kaneyed.

3. No master in class, class is unruly and suddenly PJ de Silva, shouts "Sshhh Dudda on line, Dudda on line" RITA passes at this moment, hauls PJ out of class, takes him to the Principal's office, waits for Dudley to return and goes in to make a big complaint against PJ. He then walks out with that Musala stare he gives, Dudley
calls PJ in "Yes Silva what happened" and PJ says "Sorry sir, I called you Dudda"  Dudley responds "thats okay,  you are Silva, and I am Silva, besides we too had nicknames for our principal, when we were in college.

4.  1964 head cop Botejue does his rounds in the lower school, finds the monitor is more unruly than the rest of the class, Botta puts him on the form and appoints another monitor, to keep the class quiet. Botta hauled to the Principal's office, as the master was RITA and the monitor was appointed by him. So RITA complains to Dudley that Botta is a HOM, put his favourite as the monitor, while the master is insulted coz his appointee is now punished. Accusations go on and on and insisting that Dudley de-badge Botta. Dudley, then inquires, from Botta what happened, and when Botta explained, Dudley tells RITA, Botejue is the head prefect and I have full confidence in him, if you dont like it then leave Royal.

5. 1965 Royal Trinity cricket match, tea time Bella tells the cops, feed yourselves and also feed the visitors. So our pockets are stuffed, mouth is stuffed and while the visitors are being served, RITA comes along with a pen and paper (A raid by the vice squad) what is in your mouth, puts his hands into our pockets, pulls out the patties, rolls etc and puts them back onto the dish and writes down the items he has recovered from being devoured by
us. Also in this mess is Turner Scholar, Hemal Jayasurya . A petition is then sent to Dudley to de-badge the whole lot for stealing patties and cutlets etc. This was signed by him as the Secretary of the Staff Guild,
without consulting the rest of the Staff. When we asked Bella, Conner, Thamba and the rest of the elite Royal teachers they were shocked, cos they did not know. (the only exception being the other crank Katey Puss, who responded "Good"). For 2 weeks Dudley ignored it, but this pervert kept inquiring everyday, whether Dudley had taken action.

Finally at the cop meeting when we asked Dudley about the petition, he said rather embarrassed", God helps those who help themselves, lets drop this foolish thing and move on."

Lots more , but I 'll stop here.