Saturday, April 15, 2006

Language Lessons

Sinhala & Tamil

Dear Fellows,

After wishing everybody Happy New Year I thought, how Quarter Soda wrote his name in Sinhala will bring back some old memories. After the fight I had withhim opposite the GYM he wanted to be very friendly with me. The following dayin the 2B class he came to me with that famous innocent smile andsaid, "Appuarachchi, you teach me Singalese, I teach you Tamil,OK?" "Ok, Shall I write Appuarachchi in Tamil".

I said go ahead and gave him my Geography book. He wrote "Appuarachchi" and asked for the initials which he added after the name.

Now it was my turn.I wrote Sabaratnampuka. I couldn’t hold back laughter, but with the greatest difficulty gave his exercise book back looking the other side. Unsupecting QS took the book to Sella Amarasekera to show-off. Sella biting his nails showed it to Nangi (Sunil) Abeysinghe (Bamba Flats A Block), who burst out. I can still remember the look of hatred QS had. If looks could kill? Hapu would be no more.

He said "You bloody s**t, you wait!
More later
April 14, 2006


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